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Meet Hank


I’m often asked what inspired me to start this business and honestly in the last several months I’ve realized that telling others my “why” is one of my favorite parts about this journey. I was randomly scrolling through Instagram and came across  this adorable Prosecco truck owned by mobile bar owners in Kansas. It was something I had never seen before and I was super intrigued by the entire concept. Within weeks of discovering this idea, I purchased Hank and his transformation began. He made his way from a ranch in Milan, Italy to Ventura, California where he spent several months evolving into the best little tap truck. Eventually making his journey up the west coast to his new home in Puyallup, Washington.


Throughout my time researching these cute little trucks, I quickly realized the strong ties they have to my Italian heritage and when I think of that, I think of my Grandfather (Hank) who was the most important man in my life. A true Italian gentleman who enjoyed a good drink, time with family and friends, and serving others. He passed away in 2013 from prostate cancer. I miss him terribly, but this idea made me feel somehow more connected to him. It’s allowed me the opportunity to tell complete strangers about the person who made such a positive impact in my life, and for that I’m incredibly grateful. Beviamo is slowly evolving into much more than just a “mobile bar” – but more of a way to keep his memory alive. He would be so fond of this journey and gets all the credit for being the real inspiration behind the creation of Beviamo.


Hank is excited to meet you and we are, too!  xo

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It all began with an idea...

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Image by Riccardo Annandale
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